darkFlash Shines Bright at the 2023 Fall Consumer Electronics Expo


The darkFlash global resource booth setup and product showcase. Enterprises worldwide are increasingly drawn to innovative products, and this year's Autumn Electronics Expo and International Electronic Components and Production Technology Expo have brought together participants from numerous countries and regions, actively expanding business opportunities through the exhibition platform. Organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Fair (Autumn Electronics Fair) and the International Electronic Components and Production Technology Exhibition (electronic Asia), co-organized by HKTDC and Messe München Asia, were held at the Wan Chai Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) for four consecutive days from October 13 to 16.

At this year's Hong Kong Autumn Exhibition, darkFlash's unique booth setup is distinctly well-designed, following the concept of infinite prisms and exuding a sense of technology. The prominent logo and posters of their top products make everything clear at a glance. A dedicated installation area is also set up for visitors to immerse themselves. As a brand offering a wide range of gaming peripheral products, darkFlash brought a variety of products to the exhibition, including computer cases, cooling systems, power supplies, gaming chairs, and keyboards, catering to the diverse needs of many users and markets.

Feature product showcase

New product showcase of the special edition black and orange computer case At the booth, the DS900 black and orange special edition case, paired with the GD100 keyboard and monitor, presents a complete setup. The design of the case's interior lighting creates a dazzling effect, and there is also a new water cooling system, the most notable feature of which is the customizable display content that can be synchronized during setup—a very user-friendly design!

Additionally, in the area where the power supply products are displayed, the fully modular power supplies have a sleek and minimalist appearance. The transparent casing design of the modules is refreshing, demonstrating darkFlash's commitment to continuous innovation and providing consumers with unique gaming experiences.

Furthermore, there is a display area for keyboards, where keyboards of different design styles and colors are presented and arranged separately. darkFlash's keyboards at this exhibition feature popular functions, such as dual-mode and tri-mode connectivity, keyboards with RGB lighting on the base, and models with displays. The variety of choices and color combinations can be overwhelming!

darkFlash's products in the cooling category are also quite impressive, with a fine range of products covering cooling fans, air cooling, and water cooling, among others. On another side, there is an entire wall of air cooling and fans, combined with radiators, showcasing dazzling RGB lighting effects.

As one of darkFlash's popular products, numerous computer cases are on display at this exhibition. In particular, the DRX70 ATX white case, with its all-white design, has a dedicated fan following. Not only that, this case features a removable side iron mesh for convenient operation and assembly.

IP Characters and Merchandise

The most surprising element is that, for the first time, darkFlash introduced four IP character endorsers, and their computer cases, keyboards, and mousepads related to these IP characters are on display for everyone to see.

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