darkFlash Gears Up for the Second Half of the Year with Multiple Flagship Product Launches【Computex2024】


This year, darkFlash has chosen a space theme, transforming its exhibition design into a spacecraft. The interior is divided into a Product Experience Zone and a Product Display Zone. The Product Experience Zone offers a comprehensive setup, showcasing darkFlash's upcoming flagship products, creating an immersive experience. The Product Display Zone features a variety of cost-effective products that are either already on the market or soon to be released.

At the entrance of booth, two MOD cases are on display. One is the 550A case, inspired by quantum computers, with internal fans, cooling, and power supplies all using darkFlash's own products.

↑ Quantum Computer 550A

↑ which serves as the core of the spaceship, is based on the DLH21. The four side panels have been replaced with glass panels, and both hard and soft tube water cooling systems have been designed. The setup uses the DXv2.6 series water cooling and radiators.

The DY470, a key focus for darkFlash in the second half of the year, features a tool-free quick-release design for its three glass panels. The top adopts an inclined design, allowing the installation of a 360mm water cooling system without interference. It is currently available in both black and white versions.

The DY450 series cases are on display. Designed for DIY enthusiasts who prefer not to install additional software, the front panel features a control center located at the bottom. This control knob allows users to manage fan lighting modes, toggle lighting effects, and adjust fan speed, providing a significant advantage for those who prefer physical button controls.

Moving on to the liquid cooling section, darkFlash has consistently offered highly cost-effective cooling solutions. This time, they are introducing two new models: BIT and DNS. The BIT liquid cooler features dot matrix screens on both the cooling head and the sides of the fans. Using darkFlash's proprietary software, users can customize these screens, not only by replacing pre-loaded animations but also by creating their own unique designs!

The DNS liquid cooler is darkFlash's first model featuring a screen on the water block. With a resolution of 480 x 480 pixels, the water block boasts a sleek, minimalist design. Internally, it shares the same specifications and radiator design as the currently available DN Series. Similar to the BIT liquid cooler, the DNS cooler allows users to customize the screen using darkFlash's software. Users can select from built-in themes or upload their favorite JPG or GIF.

It seems like you're discussing the new magnetic fan series, Guass, launched by darkFlash at Computex 2024 to address fan wire connection issues. The Guass series utilizes magnets at the power connection points, with power delivered through a 7-pin interface when the magnets engage. The series includes two models: G16 and G24. The main difference lies in the lighting features—G24 fans include ARGB LEDs in the blades, while G16 fans do not, though both share similar specifications otherwise.

It sounds like darkFlash is expanding its product line to include mechanical keyboards in response to increasing market demand. Following the successful launch and sales performance of the GD100 and GD108 mechanical keyboards in Taiwan, darkFlash plans to introduce more keyboard styles and switches this year. They aim to cater to both gaming enthusiasts and office environments with their upcoming products.

darkFlash is launching a variety of switches, including the Kailh Ice Cream switch, Silent Pink switch, DF Yellow switch, Rainbow switch, Blue switch, and Red switch.

The currently available GD100 and GD108 mechanical keyboards from darkFlash use Yellow switches.

The upcoming DF98 mechanical keyboard, set to be released in the second half of the year, will offer wired, 2.4G wireless, and Bluetooth connectivity options. It features a toggle switch in the upper right corner for switching between connection modes. The keyboard comes with multiple RGB lighting modes, with a battery life lasting up to 30 days on a single charge. It will be available with a choice of DF Yellow switches or Kailh Ice Cream switches.

At this year's Computex 2024, darkFlash once again showcased its innovation and dedication in the computer components market. From innovative case designs to creatively styled coolers, darkFlash not only displayed outstanding product quality but also highlighted its deep understanding of design aesthetics and user experience.

darkFlash's booth became one of the highlights of this year's expo, attracting the attention of numerous visitors and media. Whether it was the eye-catching magnetic fan technology, display screen liquid cooling heads, or the diverse keyboard switch experience area, attendees experienced firsthand darkFlash's dedication to its products.

Through this expo, darkFlash aims to convey to global consumers that we are not only committed to delivering high value products but also dedicated to providing an exceptional user experience. Looking ahead, darkFlash will continue to uphold its spirit of innovation, bringing more innovative products to users. We look forward to exploring broader horizons in the world of technology with you in every future technological advancement.

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